Sometimes you may need to further process wordom's output. Or you'd like to plot in a fancy way your results. Or you want to process some data before submitting them to wordom.

Chances are that somebody has already done that - or somebody else will want to do the same in the future. This is a place where such tools, scripts or tricks are collected to make everybody's job smoother. If you wrote something that you feel might be usefyul to others, share it! send it with a brief explanation and we'll place it here


When clustering, wordom can write to a file the distance matrix. In a later stage the file can be read for clustering with different options. This also means that it is possible to feed to wordom a distance matrix file coming from a different application and custom-computed distances. Since the distance matrix file is a binary, you can use this C program to convert an ascii file to the correct binary format. The starting ascii format is something like this:

     0.553     0.470  
     0.498     0.566     0.514  
     0.651     0.650     0.565     0.519  
     0.740     0.748     0.725     0.608     0.621  

Since the matrix is symmetrical and only 0.0s are (should be) along the diagonal, only the lower half is (must be) present. If you need/want to write directly the (smaller) binary file have a look at the code - no special tricks involved.